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Victor Pfeiffer, the father of the present Victor, founded this company in 1926 after some time of living and working in Northern California. His Grandfather in turn had come before from Germany and settled here. The company prospered in the South Bay area serving businesses and schools with their electrical needs.

Victor Pfeiffer, the oldest son, joined the company in 1948. Gene Pfeiffer, treasurer and the youngest son, joined the firm in 1966. Bill Pfeiffer, president and oldest son of Victor, joined the company in 1978. Pat Pfeiffer, vice-president, joined the firm in 1988.

By 1960, the company was incorporated. Thereafter, the area began to expand beyond the dreams of the locals with the power of the new high technology emanating from Stanford University, San Jose State, and Santa Clara University.

Schools were required for the newcomers, and new plants grew up with the followers of the Hewlett-Packard Company founders of 1939, and the Fairchild Camera and Instrument' early engineers after 1953. Nobody could have guessed the changes. The growth and successes are now legendary.

In all this, Pfeiffer Electric prospered and grew. Not perhaps as dramatically as some, but powerfully in their own right. The current sales year is about $7 million annually.

Until about twenty years ago, the school construction and re-furbishing business activity was a major part of the company's sales. Then, with a slowdown of the education program with fewer students for a period, Pfeiffer shifted gears to go for more commercial and industrial business while maintaining a presence in the public market.

Today, Pfeiffer finds itself performing about 30% of direct business, and 70% as a sub-contractor to general contractors for electrical improvements around Northern California.


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